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Health Equity Report

Health Equity Report

The A Healthy Oregon: 21st Century Health Equity Investments report was published in August 2016 with the Oregon Health Equity Alliance Steering Committee is an overview of the critical disparities facing Oregonians, and the key state investments needed to improve health equity for communities of color, immigrants and refugees. Read and download the full PDF report. 

The Mend the Gap report was developed in partnership with the Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA) to spotlight that although Oregon has made great progress s in extending affordable and comprehensive health insurance coverage to its people, the job is not done.

The Issue: In Oregon, 383,000 people remain uninsured, threatening the prosperity of every county and the economic future of our state. Communities of color, LGBT communities, rural Oregonians, immigrant communities, women and low-income families disproportionately experience lack of health insurance and barriers to accessing care. In this report, we outline pragmatic yet impactful policies that have the potential to strengthen the health of thousands of Oregonians who remain uninsured and underinsured.

Key Findings:
• Nearly 1 in 10 Oregonians still lacks health insurance coverage.
• The gap in coverage disproportionately affects rural Oregonians, communities of color, immigrant children and adults, women, LGBTQ people and low-wage working families.
• While 8 % of non-Hispanic whites were uninsured in 2014, the rates were 22 %for American Indian/Alaska Natives, 21 % for Latinos and 18 %for Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders.
• LGBTQ adults are also 5 %less likely than heterosexual adults to have coverage.
• Low-income workers who are not eligible for Medicaid but make less that 200% of the federal poverty line are twice as likely to be uninsured.


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