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A non-profit advocacy organization that provides a channel for Oregon women’s voices to be heard, especially those historically under-served.

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Insurance Problems?

Insurance Problems?

Don’t let insurance get the best of you- get the best care from your insurance!Here are a few helpful resources:

  1. OregonHealthCare.gov: You can find certified health insurance agents and community partners throughout the state who can help you fill out your application and complete your enrollment.
  2. Oregon Insurance Division: If you have problems with an insurance company or agent, contact the OID so they can look into it for you. They can determine whether the company or agent is following insurance laws and your policy and will help get you the answers you need. If you are denied services or coverage, or think a bill is wrong- they can help sort out confusion and make sure the law is being followed! This includes pharmacy benefits too.

Privacy is Important- and the Law!

Did you know? Oregon law guarantees you the right to have protected health information sent directly to you instead of to the person who pays for your health insurance plan (the primary account holder). You can have this information shared with you directly through a number of different ways:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • At a different mailing address

To make this request, fill out this form to send to your insurance company. You can send it by mail, fax, or email. You must contact your own insurance company to find out where to send your form- mention the Oregon Request for Confidential Communication.